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Becky Schonscheck

My name is Becky, I am a truth teller, advocate, cohost of the Save Our Children podcast, and cofounder of Stand By Survivors, LLC. Our tagline and truth is “Everyone has a story…”.

Over the past few years I’ve learned so much about the truths of the world… specifically child/human trafficking. 

We need to help educate children of what is okay and not okay with their bodies, on social media/online, and with adults.  However, we also educate adults so they are looking out for the dangers and not inadvertently placing their children in harm’s way.  The more people who are aware of the dangers facing children, the less darkness surrounds it and the hope is that less children are victimized because of awareness.

About 14 months ago I met the two greatest ladies ever and we started Stand By Survivors, LLC because we wanted to get survivors to join together to fight a common cause. We don’t judge someone’s story, we offer them a platform to feel welcomed, heard, and believed.

It is frustrating to hear so many survivor’s stories and still have people not believe that it is true.  That no matter the age, location, or situation the same theme is heard across the world.  There is no conspiracy, no hidden agenda among survivors…yet we don’t see any push to save the children from further abuse.  

This is truly the one thing that is non-partisan and non-dividing that should be on everyone’s radar, yet it is so difficult for good people to fathom that bad people do bad things that they refuse to stand up. I would like to see more people listen to survivor stories, start to learn the signs and dangers surrounding kids, and protect children as if their lives depended on it…because it does.

We started two podcasts last year…The Imagination which talks to survivors, advocates, and truth tellers of child sexual abuse, government corruption, and other similar topics. Bridget and I co host the Save Our Children podcast, a show dedicated to parents on how to navigate the world. Everyone has a story and we’re here to give survivors a platform to tell their stories. 


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