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Natasha - Something to say


💖Once upon a time
There was little girl
Here’s a story about a messed up world 🌎

She was only 7
Oh so she remembers
She could of been 8
But the memories dismembered.

It was cold, it was dark
& She remembers it was night
But only a little girl
She didn’t know how to put up a fight.

It was a long time ago,
But she knows it happened for sure
Now a suppressed memory.
But what was it all for?

The memories are irrelevant now
It’s about what happens next…..
Life got messy,
rather complex.

As if she hadn’t been through enough,
This is where things got really tough.

From a kid to a teen
Somethings happened again,
& Now she was Really
fragile around men.

They took her right to grow away
Her personality, put on delay.

She was none the wiser of the innocence they had taken.
She kept it secret, for it later to awaken.

Her whole life she felt the need to people please.
She thought by saying yes,
the pain would ease.

Do you know how many times she tried to say no?
But her trauma taught her
she had no where to go.

As she grew & grew
So did her trauma.
It came back as a reaction.
It came back to haunt her.

Have you ever dealt with PTSD?
Do you understand what it truly means?

It wasn’t just nightmares she was having
Or crying all the time,
It was being impulsive,addictions,
Her faith in life had declined

It was such a shock to her nervous system
That her soul couldn’t cope.
So her soul left her body,
Along with all hope.

She didn’t know how to set boundaries
Or who she was
Or how to say no
Or what was the cause.

But she was fed up of mentally listing
13 reasons why.
She was fed up of giving herself
reasons to cry.

From such a young age
She put pen to paper
In some mad way
It kind of saved her.

Because she knew she was just an innocent bohemian girl,
growing up in this fucked up world.

She wanted to love & live freely,
and on her own terms.
& other peoples opinions?
she wanted not to be concerned.

Deep down she knew she wanted her freedom of rights,
So she made her way towards the light.

She went down the healing rabbit hole
And now she only has one goal.

To heal herself
So her son needs not
To live for today
Coz it’s all we got.

To be truly happy
To have a heart so raw
To embrace her true self
To handle any more pain she might endure

She hopes you understand
What she’s trying to say,
To live in the moments,
To live for today,

To heal your past, Let go of all shame
To teach our kids..Not to do the same,

So thank you for reading this story today
And I’m really sorry if you relate,
But I promise you there’s help out there.
I promise you, it’s never to late.

Coz a little girl she is no more.
Finally healing at 34.

I know this story is as true as can be
Because the little girl in this story?

The little girl is me.


to say


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